Today It’s Tàpies

Today It’s Tàpies is a regular programme of conversations, organised on the occasion of the Tàpies Centenary Year. Its aim is to offer lively, pertinent dialogues on questions present in the written legacy of Tàpies, as related to priority themes in contemporary societies and the multiple communities comprising them.

The series features thirteen encounters, each of which will take place at the Foundation itself. Their purpose is to give life to the words and thought of the artist, thanks to the participation of individuals from a broad set of generations and professional backgrounds. The series of conversations, moderated by the cultural journalist Rita Roig, will make it possible to construct a polyphonic narrative, which will later be compiled in podcast format with the support of Catalunya Ràdio, with the aim of reviving and experiencing the content in an engaging way, through a different format and context.

Planned programme:
19/12/23: Laura Llevadot and Joan Gabàs
30/1/24: Vicenç Altaió and Alicia Kopf
20/2/24: Pilar Bayer and Ikram Bouloum
19/3/24: José Edelstein and Julia Spinola
30/4/24: Marcelo Expósito and Anna Pacheco
28/5/24: Ricard Bru and Nana Shimomura
25/6/24: Eugènia Balcells and Pilar Bonet
30/7/24: Remei Sipi and Erick Bertrán
27/8/24: Perejaume and Marta Tafalla
17/9/24: Gloria Moure and Mabel Palacín
29/10/24: Maria Josep Balsach and Ariadna Guiteras
26/11/24: Gemma Carbó and Jordi Ferreiro
10/12/24: Jordi Colomer and Brigitte Vasallo

All sessions will take place at 6 pm at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. ç

The entry fee for each conversation is €3, or €25 for those signing up for the complete programme.

Link to the podcast of the programme in Catalunya Ràdio.

Tickets on sale on the Foundation website, or at ticket counters of the Foundation, until five minutes before each activity begins.