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Today is Tàpies. Marcelo Expósito – Anna Pacheco




Organised by the Fundació Antoni Tàpies as part of the Tàpies Centenary Year, Today is Tàpies is a series of transgenerational and interdisciplinary conversations conducted and moderated by the cultural journalist Rita Roig (Terrassa, 1997). The aim is to interpret Tàpies’ texts as a starting point for reflecting on current issues such as ecology, the right to self-determination, interculturality and political commitment in art.

The words and ideas of the artist will be revisited during a series of thirteen sessions, with invited participants from different generations and diverse professional fields (culture, education, science, politics, environment, health and human sciences) helping to construct a polyphonic story that will be collected in the form of a podcast. Thanks to the collaboration of Catalunya Ràdio, the podcast will allow us to experience the generated knowledge in another format and in another context.



‘It is often said that important culture is left wing’, said Tàpies. Before this affirmation, he wondered what type of left do we refer to when we make such assertions. Because, is culture intrinsically radical and transformative? Does the left really believe in a progressive and revolutionary art? In this conversation, Anna Pacheco and Marcelo Expósito will talk about ideology and aesthetics, the social function of art and what type of culture should we be fighting for to defend our social rights.



Marcelo Expósito is an artist, political activist and cultural critic. His artwork has been shown in museums, festivals and art centres, and he is the author of around twenty articles, such as Walter Benjamin, productivista (2013), Conversación con Manuel Borja-Villel (2015) and Discursos plebeyos (2019). As a political activist, for the last three decades he has participated in social movements for democratic radicalisation, in civil platforms such as the 15-M Movement, Real Democracy Now and Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH). He was an elected member of the Cortes Generales (Spanish Parliament) from 2016 to 2019.


Anna Pacheco is a journalist and writer. Her articles focus on social issues such as housing, work, feminisms and popular culture from a class and gender perspective. She has contributed to publications such as Vice, Playground, La Marea, El País and El Diario, and co-presents the programme Ciberlocutorio at Radio Primavera Sound. She has taken part in various anthologies, such as the feminist texts Aquí estamos (2019) and is the author of the book Listas, guapas, limpias (2019).


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