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Tàpies. Profound Certainty

Tàpies. Profound Certainty features eighteen works from the winter of 1991, which the artist created in his studio in the mountains of Montseny.

Common to all the works is the use of the material on which they are produced, a material upon which the artist has never previously worked. This is an industrial cloth which Tàpies normally uses to protect the floor of his studio, to which he has applied customary techniques of varnish, plastic paint and collage.

His constant research into artistic materials and techniques led to the use of these synthetic textiles, onto which he has drawn his own pictorial language. “Only daily experimentation and being in a constant stat of alert”, said the artist, “make it possible, at times, and at the most unexpected moment, for the miracle to happen and the materials, which alone are inert, begin to speak with an expressive force which it is difficult to compare to anything else. If that happens, the artist has found the balance between form and content.”

The show is accompanied by a catalogue which reproduces the eighteen works on display and contains a text by the poet and theorist Antoni Marí in Catalan, Spanish and English.

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