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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga




Our bodies store and gather our lived experiences. Everything that we have learnt since we were young—how to interpret the world, how relationships work, our self-esteem, how to react in challenging moments—is saved as if on a hard disk, regulating our way of understanding the world and functioning in it. It is through the body, furthermore, that we are able to incorporate new ways of perceiving and acting in the world. Through the body we can recognise how we are, identify our needs, respond to them and adopt new strategies for interacting with ourselves and with others. Our jobs, families, social contexts and the activities we carry out are where we put into practice what we have learnt. How we treat others, how we deal with demanding situations, how we are or are not able to connect with others in both pleasant and hard circumstances—all these questions are all dictated by this integrated learning process.

Trauma-sensitive yoga offers a space for recognising and educating our internal systems as they perceive and function in the world. In this workshop led by María Macaya, organised on the occasion of the exhibition Chiharu Shiota: Everyone, a Universe, a practical session is offered including a chair and mat (you can bring your own, or use one of those provided). This is followed by a debate on various aspects of the methodology and how they can be applied, not only in a yoga session, but also in an array of life contexts, creating safety and connection in relation to work, family, social life and personal space as well.


María Macaya has a BA in Art History and International Relations from Tufts University, a Creative Writing certificate from Stanford University, and an MA in Art Criticism from Columbia University. She founded Rādika in 2016, with the aim of giving voice to mental and emotional health issues, providing knowledge and tools to support wellness. Through the Rādika platform, she offers courses and training sessions, as well as doing professional interviews aimed at reducing emotional and mental distress.

Macaya is specialised in trauma and trauma-sensitive yoga. She is certified by Gabor Maté’s professional programme in Compassionate Inquiry, and has 300 certification hours from the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in Brookline, Massachusetts, as well as training in the TCTSY method and in the advanced programme at the Center for Yoga and Trauma Recovery in San Francisco. She is also certified in addictions and recovery by Stanford University and has studied neuroscience at King’s College London. She is an advanced professor of Jivamukti Yoga, with an 800-hour certification, training other teachers in the school.

Macaya is currently training in contemplative care of dying.



We recommend attending with comfortable clothing for the exercise (it is not necessary to wear sport clothing, as long as you can move easily and comfortably).  No previous experience doing yoga is required to sign up for the session. The session will be held in Spanish language (castellano).




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