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Chiharu Shiota. Everyone, a Universe

The work of Chiharu Shiota (Osaka, 1972) breathes a universality that appeals to the hearts and minds of people of different generations and from distant geographical locations, the massive scale of her works inviting the viewer to be part of this immersive experience. The artist succeeds in making presence evident in absence, like life and death. She is inspired by memory, trauma and uncertainty; concerns that are shared by all humans.

The Fundació Antoni Tàpies invites Shiota to create a site-specific installation in the exhibition spaces of the museum. The dialogue with the institution unfolds a double sense: physical, responding to the architecture, and symbolic, acknowledging the parallels with Tàpies.

In this sense, the relationship with the earth, with past and memory, and the exchange between presence and absence, will allow the artist to weave a rereading of the past through evocation, but with an eye on the contemporary moment.

Exhibition curated by Imma Prieto within the framework of the Tàpies’ Year celebration.


Chiharu Shiota. Everyone, a Universe, 2024. Fundacio Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona. Photography: Daniel Solano. © VEGAP and the artist, 2024.

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