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Collection 2002

The Fundació Antoni Tàpies presented a selection of works from the permanent collection which, with its drawings, engravings, paintings and sculptures, contains examples of every aspect of Tàpies’ artistic activity.

There were drawings from the first period, when he alternated investigation into everyday elements with representation of magical worlds and states of mind, and works on paper in which the signs and lines take us to the East, which had a strong influence on Tàpies throughout his artistic career.


The route was made up of works from different periods which illustrate the development of typologies, techniques and materials used by him: works done with foam rubber or the spray technique (inspired by street graffiti), varnishes and material-based paintings. There was also a representation of the refractory clay sculptures from the eighties, as well as objects and sculptures which he had been creating since the nineties, experimenting with new materials such as sheets of metal, sometimes used as pictorial supports, or bronze.


The selection also included the work Dues piles de terra [Two heaps of earth, 2001], which was donated to the Foundation by Antoni and Teresa Tàpies in 2001 and was exhibited for the first time here.