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A=A, B=B

A New Vision of the World (1954) is a book that brings together certain discussions conducted in Sankt Gallen (Switzerland) by renowned experts in di#erent fields, basically science and philosophy, and which enjoyed almost mythical status at the time. Antoni Tàpies liked this book so much, for a long while he kept it on his bedside table and it became the inspiration for many of his works.

A=A, B=B is an exhibition that, taking this book as a starting point, gives those talks a second lease of life, by bringing them into the present, over seventy years after the event. It will address the spirit of the scientific method, the reasons that make us pursue science, what science means in relation to ourselves, to art, etc.

The exhibition includes works by artists such as Daniel Bejar, Jorge Carrión, Agathe Casals, Lúa Coderch, Violeta Mayoral, Mariona Moncunill, Tanit Plana, Nimesh Ramesh Chahare, Irene Solà, Irena Visa, Ian Waelder, John Baldessari and Antoni Tàpies.

[Image: Daniel Bejar, Peekskill , NY, 2015. © Daniel Bejar, 2023.]


[Images of the exhibition A=A, B=B.  © Photography: Fundació Antoni Tàpies & Roberto Ruiz, 2024.]

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