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Zazen. Seated meditation


Zen is a Japanese word derived from the Sanskrit dhyāna which literally means ‘meditation’. Zen is therefore meditation. As part of the temporary exhibition Tàpies: The Zen Imprint, the Nalanda Zen centre of Barcelona is organising an open session of zazen, the seated meditation traditional in Zen.

There is an art derived from Zen, from the practice of meditation. There is no Zen art. Everyone finds their own way based on their own experience. Meditating is experimenting with yourself; painting as Tàpies did is, too. The fruit of a mind freed from attachments and preconceptions to leave the hand free to draw. When you let yourself go, freedom appears.

There is nothing to gain. Just sitting, letting body and mind go. A thousand and one times. Nothing matters any more other than staying seated, letting thought go, aware of one’s own body and its breathing. Like this, sitting becomes a unique chance to observe one’s true nature.

This session will consist of two parts: the first in the form of seated meditation and a brief meditation while walking round the exhibition space, and the second part of seated meditation. The session ends with some traditional chants.


I close my eyes, seated in meditation,

a thousand mountains in the dawn.

The ten thousand concerns of the human world are in vain.

Alone and unmoving on my cushion,

in the vacuum, sitting before an empty window.


Ryōkan Taigu (1758–1831)


You can enrol for the activity either by emailing nalanda@nalanda.cat or on the day of the activity in reception at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. The session is suitable for all kinds of people, but capacity is limited.

Attendees are asked to be punctual and to wear black or at least neutral-coloured clothing.



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