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Following the Sun: ASRA3, Catarata de culos, Els Cundits and Irieix




The roof of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies is to become an experimental playground for Opimelissa, a collective who cook, sing, dance and lots more. We’ll be following the sun with the gentle irony and humour of Júlia Barbany, the architecture of the catchy electrosong of Petit Ibèric, the philosophical canticles of Max Grosse about the life and lovesickness of an odd sock with a hole in it, the egodilirium of the sharp-penned dramatist and writer Berta Prieto (if you don’t know who she is yet, you’re living in a cave!), the rhythm of DJ, performer and militant for self-governance Meritxell de Soto, the overflowing energy of tender, multi-faceted punkmother Belén Barenys, the experimental Latin music of Deprerreo, the contorted body of Candela Capitán, who denounces the sexualisation of women through convulsive metrics.

Second session of the programme Following the Sun, an experimental series of sound and stage performances, presenting nine new sessions by young creative talents. The programme, curated and produced by Carolina Olivares Esturillo, aims to promote the youthful, inexhaustible energy of artists to light up and give new life to Tàpies’ solitary sock that presides over the Fundació’s roof terrace.


Segunda sesión: THE VOICE OF FUNKOPOPS, with ASRA3


Unpublished and surprising performance concert by the great ASRA who presents his latest current album titled “mami ençengui la ñocla”. Socks roll for FUNKOPOPS. They’re going to give it our all and more.

Voices and experiments from the great event by:

· Nasty Dalsy: voice, keyboard

· Sarigueyax: voice, keyboard, bass

· Voldo: voice, guitar

· PAVOROTTI FUERTE: voice, keyboard

· Gusanito Rally: voice, he helps make the dolls talk

· Jaumetmandril666: guitar, voice

· rikamichie: voice

· azombike: voice, bass

· blanc nua: voice, keyboard

· Irieix: potatoes



Singer, DJ and prod. with eclectic, humorous, ethereal and experimental tendencies. He is a member of the musical groups Els Cundits and Catarata De Culos, both lyrically and stylistically pioneers of music in Catalan. He is responsible for the queerfriendly alternative parties Desacato Goblin, where cultural movements are devirtualized, already having 47 editions in 2 years, held in venues such as Razzmatazz, Dabadaba, Sala X, Siroco, Upload, Electropura and more. He also participates in the organization of the Opi Melissa anxiolytic musical play library, a generally daytime, multidisciplinary and interactive experience that includes food, visuals and soft surfaces to lie on. It has been held at La Infinita and the CCCB. The gratitude of his assistants indicates that proposals like this are necessary and relevant.


Programme curated and produced by Carolina Olivares Esturillo

Design: Ana Habash and Ignasi Ayats. Illustrated by: Eduard Sales

Ticket sales through the Fundació website and at the box office. Limited capacity

Link to the full programme.



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