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Qui del llamp parla, a prop li cau (Talk of lightning, and it strikes nearby, 2021), installation and performance by Anna Dot


With this title, the Catalan artist Anna Dot (Vic, 1991) presents a site-specific intervention at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, within the Shadow Tactics cycle curated by Erich Weiss.


During the Nit dels Museus visitors are invited to take part in a guided tour based on a narration created by the artist. Dot takes as her starting point a dream that Teresa Barba, Antoni Tàpies’ wife, had, which became the origin of the emblematic sculpture that crowns the building. The artist invites us to speculate on the possibility that lightning might strike the cloud of the sculpture Núvol i cadira (Cloud and Chair, 1990), producing a lightning bolt that travels from the roof to the basement. Visitors will be asked to imagine the path taken by the lightning through each floor of the building.


This complex lineage serves to tell us a story linked to a literary reference: Il castello dei destini incrociati, by Italo Calvino. Like the Italian writer, Dot uses tarot cards to tell her story, based on folklore and popular beliefs related to lightning. It promises to be a magical night in which you can discover how love and lightning are related.


The activity is complemented by a presentation a limited edition by Anna Dot produced by LOODD, on Saturday 15 May, at 17.00 h, in Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

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