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Chanoyu Tea Ceremony




Cha-no-yu literally means ‘hot water for tea’ and is part of the ritual for preparing powdered matcha green tea, made from tencha.


As part of the exhibition Tàpies: The Zen Imprint, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies is organising intimate and small tea ceremonies to experience the philosophy of this ritual based on harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity. During the ceremony, visitors will be shown the preparation process, followed by a tasting of the matcha tea accompanied by a yokan, a traditional Japanese dessert.


The ceremony will be conducted by Jingjing Yuan of Tetere, a family business located on Carrer de Saragossa, Barcelona, that has been importing and selling pure tea from China, Taiwan and Japan since 2005. They also have a tea room for organising traditional Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies in a harmonious atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.


Given the nature of the event, each session will be limited to six people. The price of the activity includes entry to the Museum and the exhibitions.


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