The Chairs of Tàpies

Detail of the Reflection Hall by Antoni Tàpies, at the Ciutadella campus of Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Photography: © Eva Carasol, 2023.

The Chairs of Tàpies is a series of multidisciplinary sound actions. The proposal seeks to bring voice and words to centre stage, as a sound accompaniment to oral memory.

In this way, each of the thirteen sessions will feature a creator whose starting point will be the chair, a performative element meant to reconnect with the artist’s creative universe, through the expressive languages and scenarios of our time. The idea is also conceived to connect us to two Barcelona spaces conceived by Tàpies himself: a modern and contemporary art museum located in a former publishing house; and a lay chapel on a university campus.

Planned programme:
15/12/23: MUOM
12/1/24: Félix Denuit
09/2/24: Biel Mesquida
08/3/24: Itziar Okáriz
12/4/24: Cabosanroque
10/5/24: Joana Gomila
14/6/24: Bartomolé Ferrando
19/7/24: Blanca Llum Vidal
9/8/24: Eduard Escoffet
13/9/24: Hugo Gómez-Chao Porta
11/10/24: Difraccions Series
08/11/24: Mal Pelo
13/12/24: Niño de Elche

All sessions will take place at 7 pm at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, with the exception of the final presentation, to be held at the Reflection Hall of Pompeu Fabra University. This special event will also be the closing ceremony of the Tàpies Centenary Year.

The entrance fee for each action is €5, or €40 for those signing up for the complete programme.