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October 5, 2010 – January 16, 2011

Antoni Tàpies. The Collection

The Fundació presents a new selection of works by Antoni Tàpies belonging to the Collection. The arrangement of the works follows a chronological display from the 1940s to the present.

The itinerary, limited on this occasion to one level of the building (Space A), includes different creative moments in the evolution of the artist, illustrating the typologies, techniques and materials that he uses. The exhibition also sets out to highlight the use of a series of images, such as everyday objects and parts of the body, that have become characteristic of Tàpies’ iconography through their repeated use over successive periods. Equally, the exhibition will emphasise some of the artist’s favourite themes, such as Oriental art and culture, as evidenced in works such as Roda-Mandala (Wheel-mandala), 1979, Sumi-e, 1980, and Trio, 1994 – a homage to the Japanese monk Sengai and his teachings –, or music, very much apparent in the work Urbilder, 1988. The current selection will also reveal the intentional unity in the artist’s work: his desire to let art intercede in our perception of the world.

The itinerary will end with the screening of the documentary Te de Tàpies (T for Tàpies), 2004, directed by Carolina Tubau and produced by Televisió de Catalunya.

Te de Tàpies (T for Tàpies), 2004
Duration: 62 min
Catalan original version
Subtitles: 10.30 a.m. Spanish; 11.32 a.m. English; 12.34 p.m. Spanish; 1.36 p.m. English; 2.38 p.m. Spanish; 3.40 p.m. English; 4.42 p.m. Spanish; 5.44 p.m. English.

Screening at the Space C.