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Activities ordered by title

15 years (1990-2005)
25 years
085 Urban Majorities 1900-2025 Project
1989 After the Conversations of Algiers. Delirium and Truce
imagined space 2009
Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Socialism
Africa Explores: 20th Century African Art
Against Tàpies
Allan Kaprow. Other Ways
Allan Sekula. Collective Sisyphus
Alma Matrix. Bracha L. Ettinger and Ria Verhaeghe
Ana Mendieta
Andy Warhol: Film, Video and TV
Anna Maria Maiolino
Antoni Tàpies. Collection
Antoni Tàpies. Collection
Antoni Tàpies. Collection
Antoni Tàpies. Collection
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, #1
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 5
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 6
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 7
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 8
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 9
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 10
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, 1955–65
Antoni Tàpies. Collection, 1966-1976
Antoni Tàpies. Head arms legs body
Antoni Tàpies. Objects
Antoni Tàpies. The Collection
Antoni Tàpies. The Collection # 2
Antoni Tàpies. The Collection, # 3
Antoni Tàpies. The Collection, # 4
Antoni Tàpies. The Places of Art
Architectures of Discourse
Archive Cultures
Art & Language in Practice
Asger Jorn
Aspects of Publishing Books on Contemporary Art
Bahman Jalali
B Zone: on the Margins of Europe
Calculated Cinema
Chris Marker
Collection 2001
Collection 2002
Collection 2003
Collection 2004
Collection 2005
Collection 2006
Collection 2007
Combined Arts (A Place for Education, Exhibition and Research)
Come and Go by Valcárcel Medina
Contemporary Arab Representations. Beirut / Lebanon
Contemporary Arab Representations. Cairo
Contemporary Arab Representations. The Iraqi Equation
Craigie Horsfield. The City of the People
Dan Graham
Documents of Action. Works from the Denney and Cordier Collections (1947–65)
Eulàlia Valldosera. Works 1990-2000
Eva Hesse. Studioworks
F.X. Archive: The Empty City
FAQ: Zone of frequently asked questions
Fernando Bryce
Flow Series
Focus Quebec
Francis Picabia. Machines and Spanish Women
Franz Kline: Art and the Structure of Identity
Garry Winogrand: Fictions of the Real World
Hans-Peter Feldmann. Art Exhibition
Hans Haacke. ’Obra Social’
Harun Farocki. Empathy
How To Do Things With Documents
Hélio Oiticica
Ibon Aranberri. Organogramme
In and against cinema. Around May ’68
Inflammable II
Insideout: jardí del cambalache
Interval. Sound Actions
In the First Circle. A Project by Imogen Stidworthy
In the Spirit of Fluxus
James Coleman
Jana Sterbak. Velleitas
Jannis Kounellis. La Stanza Vede
Jon Mikel Euba. Kill’em all
Kerry James Marshall. Painting and other stuff
Knock-Down videos
Krzysztof Wodiczko. Instruments, Projections, Vehicles
Limen. Art centres as total institutions
Louise Bourgeois
Lygia Clark
László Moholy-Nagy. Photograms 1922-1943
Mangelos nos. 1 - 9 1/2
maquettes-sans-qualité. Travail en grève / Work on strike
Marcel Broodthaers. Cinéma
Maria Lassnig
Mario Merz
Matt Mullican. More Details from an Imaginary Universe
Merce Cunningham
Nocturn 29
Objects of Study
On Formalism and its Kinds
Open Source Prototypes
Oriol Vilanova. Sunday
Paul Thek. The Wonderful World that Almost Was
Pere Noguera. Archives Histories
Rainer Oldendorf
re.act.feminism. A Performing Archive
Records and Habits. The Time Machine / Images of Space
Reflections on the Museum in the Late 20th Century
Renée Green. Shadows and Signals
Retrospective by Xavier Le Roy
Robert Motherwell
Route 181, Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel
Sanja Iveković. General Alert. Works 1974–2007
Selections from the Permanent Collection
Shoot Shoot Shoot
Sol LeWitt. Drawings 1958-1992
Steve McQueen
Stitch & Split. Selves and Territories in Science Fiction
Subculture and homogenisation
Susan Meiselas. Mediations
The Anxiety of Influences. Tàpies Seen by Llena
The Dream of the Audience: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
The End(s) of the Museum
The First Generation: Women and Video, 1970-1975
The Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Renovation Process
The Phantom Image
The Year 1967: From Art Objects to Public Things
Tour-isms. The Defeat of Dissent
Tribute to Picasso
Tàpies’ Posters and the Public Sphere
Tàpies. An Artist’s Collection
Tàpies. Celebració de la mel
Tàpies. Comunicació sobre el mur
Tàpies. Material Writing. Books
Tàpies. Profound Certainty
Tàpies. The Tattoo and the Body. Paper, Cardboard and Collages
Tàpies: From Within
Urban Imaginaries from Latin America: Archives
Valentinos Charalambous
Victor Burgin
Video Signals: Aspects of Spanish Video Creation in Recent Years
Violence and Culture
We Open
Susan Meiselas, at La Bonne, Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison