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Open Source Prototypes

Open Source Prototypes’ is a working network developed within the platform of Combined Arts at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. It involves different groups, organisations and education centres working together in research projects and interventions in contemporary artistic and cultural practices.

To that end, the historical archive of the institution can be used as a tool for collaborative working processes, such as the development of autonomous projects, while the Fundació itself can be used as a working environment, an object of research and a possible space for interventions.

Blog of the project. First stage
Open Source Prototypes at blog Zoom

Project credits: Fundació Antoni Tàpies Team

Laurence Rassel, Direction.
Oriol Fontdevila, Project Curator.
Linda Valdés, Project Coordinator.
Núria Solé, Archives and Documentation.
Rosa Eva Campo and Maria Sellarès, Educational Coordinator.
With the collaboration of: Lídia González, Marta Mariño, Paola Villanueva.