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L’any 1967: l’objecte d’art i la cosa pública. O els avatars de la conquesta de l’espai / The Year 1967: from Art Objects to Public Things. Or Variations on the Conquest of Space

The seminar L’année 1967: L’Objet d’art et la chose publique took place in the Auditorium of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies from May 31 to June 2, 1994. This book, an enlarged version of the seminar, deals with the relation of poetics and politics, exploring the tension between two models of art, the object and artistic activity, in the late sixties on the eve of May ‘68, at the time when the modernist ideology of progress developed since the close of the Second World War entered into crisis.

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The Year 1967: From Art Objects to Public Things


Main language: Catalan, English

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