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Con y contra el cine. En torno a Mayo del 68

The links between style and cinematographic practice and the socio-political realities in France before, during and after the events of May ’68, as well as the present reclaiming of the intention and contents of that struggle – the irruption of a generalised social critique, the general strike by society as a whole, the re-appropriation of the street and of the forms of (self)organisation, expression and direct communication, etcetera – are the nuclear themes of a publication that gravitates around the cinema of ARC Group, Pierre Clémenti, Dziga Vertov Group, Guy Debord, Jean-Luc Godard, William Klein, Hervé Le Roux, Maurice Lemaître, Chris Marker, Mario Marret, and the Medvedkin, Jean-Pierre Thorn and Jacques Willemont groups, among others.


Main language: Spanish

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