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Narratives urbanes. La construcció literària de Barcelona

Narratives urbanes. La construcció literària de Barcelona is a collection of thirteen essays written by different authors. It focuses on the way writers at different moments in time have reflected their own idiosyncratic view of Barcelona in their work. The book is accompanied by illustrations and photographs, and it covers a period of more than one hundred and fifty years, from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the 1980s. The literary works analysed in these essays are by Narcís Oller, Santiago Rusiñol, Josep Maria Folch i Torres, Carles Soldevila, Josep Maria de Sagarra, Mercè Rodoreda, Terenci Moix, Montserrat Roig, Juan Marsé, Ignacio Agustí, Eduardo Mendoza, Julià de Jòdar, and others. Their personal view of Barcelona, half way between reality and fiction, is turned by a group of specialists into a literary, historical and even topographical synthesis of the city.

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