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Dijous 23 de novembre, 18.30 h

BAR resident project: Eva Rowson. How to imagine una musea?

La musea: How does she sound and feel and move?

Amb Ariadna Guiteras, Eva Rowson, Jordi Ferreiro, nyamnyam, Priscila Clementti i Sonia Fernández Pan.

Un programa pública experimental que intenta imaginar el museu des d’una practica transfeminista.

‘Cómo imaginar una musea?’ takes place en several momentos during November 2017 in espacios diferentes across Barcelona siguiendo una logica anti-institucional. Este proyecto quiere imaginar una institución museística como una institución femenina, basada en multiple ejes: hospitality, work, collaboration, embodied knowledges, practice, economics, and administration. Esta posibilidad de ficción will help us to feel and think different ways to work and move in cultural institutions. We will imagine a nuevo institucional and how she, la musea, operates, cares, moves, sounds, opens… La musea abre solo cuando sus habitantes pueden visitarla, está absolutamente enmarañada, intrincada con la vida de sus visitantes. She adjusts to our movements and our lives. The programme of la museatakes place in several espacios diferentes, porque musea es un museo entendido como un programa público y no como un espacio físico. She moves to where we need her to be. She has a structure but she doesn’t bend to expectation. She invites you all.

La musea: How does she sound and feel and move?

Jueves 23 noviembre 18.30 – 21.00 h, Fundació Antoni Tàpies
Co-hosted by Ariadna Guiteras, Eva Rowson, Jordi Ferreiro, nyamnyam, Priscila Clementti and Sonia Fernández Pan “You have one room in your house exclusively owned by men. The room is your own: How are you going to furnish it? How are you going to decorate it? With whom are you going to share it and upon what terms?” – Virginia Woolf, ‘Professions for Women’ (1931), quoted in Céline Condorelli, ‘The Company She Keeps’ (2014).
Gathering references from Céline Condorelli, Virginia Woolf, Ursula K. Le Guin, astrology, and fermentations from la musea’s previous event, we invite you to join us to re-arrange and set the terms – and the furniture – of the museum in a collective imagining of la musea, inside il museo.

Important: Please bring with you something to set the space of la musea just for this evening. It could be something from your home, a piece of furniture, a plant, a lamp, a person - something that will furnish la musea in the way you want.

This public programme will be mostly led in English, but we will help each other to translate and shift between English and Spanish. Events are open to everyone but places are limited so it’s important to let us know you are coming. To join in one or all of the events, please enviar un email to Eva: eva.rowson@googlemail.com

As a producer and coordinator Eva Rowson ha organizado muchas actividades in institutions, pero como artista tiene una necesidad for nuevos imaginarios and posibildades de actuación related to practices of collaborative projects including FOOD (New York, 1971-74), AptArt (Russia, 1982-84) and her own experience of running parties, bars, club nights, gigs, and a project space inside her living room. The BAR project residency le permite de experimentar con lo formatos, and the contexto de Barcelona, relacionado con la situación politica que esta suciendo ahora mismo where friendship, hospitality and conversation son tan importantes. La estructura de esta institución es como preparar la mesa, Eva sets the table and invites you all, to open doors to serendipias, relationships, and ways to work together.

This program is organised by BAR resident Eva Rowson, developed through exchanges with BAR project during her residency September – November 2017 and within BAR project’s philosophy and curatorial practice of using hospitality as its working method.

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