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Thursday 9 November, 7 p.m.

Spell Reel, 2017

A collaborative research project by Filipa César with Guinean filmmakers Sana na N’Hada and Flora Gomes

Filipa César’s film comes from a collaborative research project with Guinean filmmakers Sana na N’Hada and Flora Gomes. After studying cinema in Cuba, N’Hada and Gomes initiated an investigation, through the camera, into the fight for independence in Guinea-Bissau (1963–74). Most of these revolutionary films were lost and those surviving were little known and at risk of disappearing. For this reason, César, together with Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art – undertook the task of digitising audiovisual material in Berlin. Once restored, the films were projected with commentaries by the author and in the places where they had been originally recorded. Thus, Spell Reel includes 16mm black-and-white images, digital material and documents from the tour made in 2014 to show the films to Guinean audiences who, for the first time, came into contact with this chapter of their history.

Filipa César (1975) is an artist and filmmaker born in Porto, Portugal. She currently lives and works in Berlin. Her films combine documentary format with a subjective perspective, and revolve around the relations between history, memory, image and narrative. Her work has been shown extensively in individual and collective exhibitions, biennials and film festivals, including the recent edition of the Berlinale.

The screening will conclude with a discussion between Filipa César and Carles Guerra, director of the Fundació.

Author: Filipa César. | Duration: 96 min. | Date: Thursday 9 November 2017, 19.00 h. | Admission: Free.