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Discussion about the book La razón estética, by Chantal Maillard

With Chantal Maillard and Marina Garcés.

The collective consciousness of our societies and their symbolic universe is always accompanied by certain categories of sensitivity, which vary from one era to another and from which arise as many ways of understanding the world.

An education in sensitivity is now more indispensable than ever. Politics is not the prerogative of parties or groups, but of individuals. And if those who govern – whether they are part of the demos. or hold the economic power, or simply power – cannot learn from each other, then they can hardly rule. To govern we must know what we are and who we are beyond the character we represent. Every well-constructed morality requires an extra-moral foundation and this has to do with self-knowledge, something that can only be achieved by observing one’s mind.

La razón estética is certainly a proposal for embattled times. Whether or not it is feasible will depend on the efforts we make to ensure that this education takes place.

Duration: 1 h. | Date: Monday 16 October 2017, 19.00 h. | Admission: Free. | Activity in collaboration with Galaxia Gutenberg.