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(Belgium, 1954)

Thierry De Cordier

The Belgian Thierry De Cordier is one of the most striking artists of his generation. In his 1988 performance Discours au monde, he proclaimed that he ‘had absolutely nothing to do with the twentieth century’. With this gesture, the artist severed ties with the artistic discourse of his time and instead resolved to reflect alone on himself and his immediate surroundings. This personal exploration lies at the centre of his dialogue with the spectator. His paintings and drawings expose the ‘I’ of a person turned in upon himself. The dark colours and grey tints evoke indecisiveness and spiritualisation. The images are removed from contemporary culture and are only meaningful within De Cordier’s personal mythology. The images can resituate themselves; they draw upon origins beyond language and culture.

The information regarding participants is taken from a file which has not been updated since the completion date of each project.