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Maria-Josep Balsach

Professor of Contemporary Art History, and director of the Department of Contemporary Art and Culture at the Universitat de Girona (UdG). She has written numerous theoretical essays on the art and aesthetics of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries from an interdisciplinary perspective, such as Joan Miró. Cosmogonies d’un món originari (2007), winner of the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize for essays. Director of the international seminar L’Art i els seus llocs. A l’entorn de l’obra d’Antoni Tàpies (UdG, 2000) and winner of the international prize Espais de Crítica d’Art for her text ‘Arnold Schönberg’s immaterial art’. She is currently the director of the European project ‘European Live Art Archive (ELAA)’, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and GlogauAir, Berlin. Among her own creations are Poemes de Brisgòvia (1992) and Galítzia/Galicja (2009).

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