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Daniel Blanchard

With Cornelius Castoriadis, Claude Lefort, Jean-François Lyotard and many others participated between 1957 and 1965 in the activities of the revolutionary group known as Socialisme on Barbarie, which developed a radical critique of the East and West regimes based on the ‘revelator’ that consisted of the capacity of self-organisation in the workers movement. In 1959 Daniel Blanchard became friends and collaborated with Guy Debord, leader of the International Situationist. Both men wrote ‘Preliminaries Towards Defining a Unitary Revolutionary Programme’, a manifesto that included art critique and specialised politics. In May ’68 he actively and joyfull participated in the collective uprising from the March 22nd Movement and the Action Committees. In the early seventies he lived in the United States and joined the counter culture movement. He is a writer, poet and translator. He has published Crisis de palabras; notas a partir de Guy Debord y Cornelius Castoriadis in Spanish (Acuarela & A. Machado, Madrid, 2007)

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