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Manuel Delgado Ruiz

Graduate in Art History from Barcelona University. Doctor in Anthropology from the same university. Postgraduate studies at the Section de Sciences Religieuses, École Pratique des Hautes Études, La Sorbonne, Paris. Since 1986 he has been lecturer in religious ethnology in the Barcelona University Social Anthropology Department. He is coordinator of the doctorate in Anthropology of the Space and the Territory, a member of the GRECS (Social Exclusion and Control Research Group) at Barcelona University and the Public Spaces Ethnographic Work Group at the Catalan Institute of Anthropology (ICA).

He has given lectures and seminars at various universities. He has worked particularly on the construction of ethnicity and exclusion strategies in urban settings. He is also interested in cultural representations in the city and the new forms of worship in the contemporary world. He was curator of the exhibition La ciutat de la diferència in Barcelona, Madrid, Marseille, A Corunya and San Sebastián. He is director of the "Biblioteca del Ciudadano" collection for Editorial Bellaterra. He is a member of the Managing Board of Quaderns de l’ICA. He is on the Board of Directors of the Catalan Institute of Anthropology. He is also a member of the Catalan Parliament Immigration Study Committee.

In addition to numerous articles in national and foreign journals, he is editor of the collections Antropologia social (1994), Ciutat i immigració (1997) and Inmigración y cultura (2003). His books include De la muerte de un dios (1986); La ira sagrada (1992); Las palabras de otro hombre (1993); Diversitat i integració (1998); El animal público (Anagrama Essay Prize, 1999); Ciudad líquida, ciudad interrumpida (1999); Identidades dispersas (2000); Luces iconoclastas (2001) and Elogi del vianant (2005).

The information regarding participants is taken from a file which has not been updated since the completion date of each project.