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Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 8

The Fundació presents a new selection of works by Antoni Tàpies belonging to the fonds of the Collection. The show, which this time is centred in Space A, includes different creative periods of the artist from the 1940s to the present, and illustrates the development of typologies, techniques and materials used by Tàpies.

It begins with a selection of works from the two years 1948–49 that exemplify Tàpies’ Surrealist period, starting with the founding in 1948 of the magazine Dau al Set along with other artists and writers. In the works of this period we find references to Miró, Ernst and Klee. The exhibition also features a selection of the matter paintings characteristic of his mature work, in which the materials create dense and opaque surfaces, for example Forma negra sobre quadrat gris, 1960, and Llit marró, 1960. You can also see a selection of works that incorporate the object (such as Pila de plats, 1970, and Gran blanc amb llauna blava, 1972), and the so-called ‘honey paintings’ of the eighties in which the protagonist is varnish (Díptic de Vernis, 1984; Sinuós de vernís sobre negre, 1983). The exhibition also includes one work from the 1990s in which we see the artist’s interest in the conceptual aspect of painting as medium (Terra d’ombra I, 1998).

The presentation finishes with a screening of the documentary A. T. Alfabet Tàpies , 2004, directed by Daniel Hernández and produced by ALEA docs & films and BCNmultimedia , which is shown in the auditorium of the Foundation (Space C).


A. T. Alfabet Tàpies 

Duration: 52 min

Language: Catalan original version, with subtitles in English, Spanish and French


List of works

Personatge, 1949

Projecte, 1949

Original copy of Dau al Set (September 1948)

Original copy of Dau al Set (December 1949)

L’imitador del cant de rossinyol, 1948

Paratge de Mus, 1948

Gran blanc amb llauna blava, 1972

Pila de plats, 1970

Gran marró sobre fusta foradada, 1973

Sèrie Negre, núm. I-XIV, 1967

Forma negra sobre quadrat gris, 1960

Llit marró, 1960

Díptic de vernís, 1984

Lingam. Forma embenada, 1988

Al teu peu, 1989

Sinuós de vernís sobre negre, 1983

Terra d’ombra I, 1998

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