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Awarded the Providence Art Club Prize (Rhode Island, USA). With Joan Brossa, he publishes El pa a la barca, a collector’s book for which he produces twenty-five lithograph-collages. First solo exhibition at the Galerie Im Erker, with which he establishes a long professional relationship, and where he frequently coincides with Eugène Ionesco, Friedrich Dürrenmat and Hans Hartung, among others. Solo exhibitions in Phoenix, Pasadena, Los Angeles, New York, Turin and Paris.


Exhibits eight large-format works, produced between 1955 and 1964, at the III Documenta in Kassel. Publication of the monographs Tàpies (by Blai Bonet), Tàpies 1954-1964 (by Alexandre Cirici) and Antoni Tàpies. Fustes, papers, cartons i collages (by Joan Teixidor). Solo exhibitions in Cologne, Rome, Paris, Toronto, Bonn, Stockholm, Barcelona and Montreal. Takes part in the collective exhibitions Painting and Sculpture of a Decade (Tate Gallery, London) and España Libre(Rimini, Florence, Reggio nell’Emilia, Venice and Ferrara).


Retrospective exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, organised by Roland Penrose. Produces thirty-six lithographs for Novel·la, a new collector’s book in conjunction with Brossa. Solo exhibitions in Cologne, Munich, Solothurn, Sankt Gall and Barcelona. Takes part in the exhibitions Collage and Constructions. 4 Internationals: Burri, Nevelson, Tàpies, Van Leyden (Martha Jackson Gallery, New York) and Weiss-Weiss (Galerie Schmela, Düsseldorf), together with Beuys, Fontana, Klein, Manzoni, Tinguely and Uecker, among others.


Takes part in a clandestine meeting in the Capuchin monastery in Sarrià, Barcelona, at which students and intellectuals discuss the creation of the first democratic university union since the end of the Civil War; after several days’ confinement, he is arrested by the police, together with the other participants, and subsequently fined (the Spanish Supreme Court ratified the sanction imposed on the artist in 1971). Begins writing his memoirs. Designs the sets for Semimaru, a Noh drama by Yuzaki Motokiyo Zeami (1363-1443), which opens at the Teatre de l’Aliança in Poblenou, Barcelona. At the VI Biennale de Menton he receives the Grand Prix du Président de la République Française. The XV International Congress of Artists, Critics and Art Scholars in Rimini awards him the Gold Medal for the moral and artistic value of his work. Solo exhibitions in Madrid, Cannes, Toulouse, Paris and Stockholm.

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