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Advice for visitors


Security measures


· The capacity of the Museum has been reduced to facilitate social distancing.
· The cleaning and disinfection protocols of our facilities have been upgraded.
· A sanitising mat has been installed at the entrance to the Museum.
· Sanitising gel dispensers are provided at various points throughout the Museum.
· Perspex screens have been installed at the reception desk and shop counter.
· Exhibition itineraries are now indicated.
· Printed communication material has been replaced by information in QR codes.
· We remind you that an online audio guide service is available from the reception.



To ensure hygiene and safety, we recommend you observe the following:


· A mask must be worn when entering the Museum and throughout the visit.
· Social distancing of two metres must be respected.
· Visitors should follow the recommended itineraries.
· Please try not to touch surfaces.
· Only single individuals or household members may use the lift.
· Wash your hands often and use the sanitising gel dispensers provided.
· Payment by credit card is advised.



Thank you for your cooperation.

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