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Tàpies or Walls

Antoni Tàpies, Forma negra sobre quadrat gris, 1960


Family activity around the exhibition Tàpies at 30.

Through a dynamic visit to the Museum’s galleries, we will observe how the artist, at the age of 30, tried to mix paint with different materials, such as marble dust, to achieve works with pronounced texture. If we close our eyes, we can imagine the sound that the brush soaked in this mixture must have made while the artist was painting a large canvas. Or the tool with which he scraped the material, incising signs with rapid movements. And when we look up, we can also sense the artist’s surprise at a work that, according to him, had been transformed into a wall.


In this activity for families, we will be fascinated by these walls created by Antoni Tàpies in shades of grey, ochre and earth, full of textures and messages waiting to be discovered. We will talk about the concept of matter, how it transforms and evolves, and the communicative power of the many walls around us, full of marks reflecting the passage of time, graffiti and the imprints that impressed Tàpies so much.

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