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Dadaist vermouths


On Sundays in November 2021 (except November 21), we invite you to a vermouth and nibbles* on the terrace of the Fundació after visiting the exhibitions Saâdane Afif. The Fountain Archives and Beyond and Tàpies. Foregrounding Reality.


One of the main exponents of the Dadaist art movement, the artist Marcel Duchamp is the link between these two exhibitions. On the one hand, Duchamp’s work Fountain (1917) is the starting point for Saâdane Afif’s monumental archive. On the other, the exhibition Tàpies. Foregrounding Reality tells us about Duchamp’s influence on the work of Tàpies, where the banal or everyday object becomes an important element. At the end of the visit, we will be able to enjoy a vermouth by Ametller Origen called ‘VR.MUTT’ in honour of Duchamp’s Fountain, which consisted of a urinal placed upside down and signed R. Mutt.


* Consists of crisps, olives, Nandu Jubany croquettes and a glass of vermouth ‘VR.MUTT’, courtesy of Ametller Origen.


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