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Body word object x Tàpies


During the 2019–20 academic year, the Department of Education and Public Programmes of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies has conducted the educational project ‘body word object x Tàpies‘, conceived and developed by the A Bao A Qu association with the participation of Isabel Banal (visual artist and sculptor), Antoni Clapés (poet) and Àngels Margarit (dancer and choreographer). These three creators have established a dialogue with the work of Antoni Tàpies based on visual arts, poetry and movement and designed for primary school pupils and teachers of Year 6 at Escola Drassanes, secondary school pupils and teachers of Year 1 of ESO at the Institut Escola Artístic Oriol Martorell and Year 4 of ESO at the Institut Moisès Broggi.

Open to anyone interested, in this seminar we will discuss these processes with the agents involved in the project, reflecting on them and opening the proposals to other centres that wish to become engines of educational research.

This activity is part of the celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of the Fundació.

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