The Fundació is closed due to the change of exhibitions. The opening of the Tàpies’ Year will take place on December 13. We will inform you soon.

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Acte verge. Sound intervention


In response to The Fountain Archive and Marcel Duchamp’s readymade channeled through Saâdane Afif’s work, we encounter questions of influence, such as what John Cage (referencing Duchamp) called  “Impossibility of repeated action”.


Acte Verge claims all repetition as a pure, virginal act that bypasses rational control and the prerecorded, and that originality fades away in the process of reproduction. With this concept as a starting point, a collective of sound artists, until recently students of the Master in Sound Art of the Universitat de Barcelona, propose a two-day collaborative sound work that briefly remakes the museum space.  Responding to the unique architectural structure of the Fundació Antoni Tapies, we will live-compose a slowly evolving spatial sound field, with sounds and gestures that invade and transform the museum.


Intervention directed by Barbara Held, by: María Durán, Oscar de la Fuente, Mathias Klenner, Luis López Casero, Haize Lizarazu, EMARX, Ginebra Raventós and Javier Rojas.


Activity within the framework of Studio inframince, programme of activities curated by Erich Weiss around the exhibition Saâdane Afif. The Fountain Archives and Beyond.

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